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Membership Criteria & Access

Membership Criteria & Access

Member Criteria:
Transgender organizations that work on advocacy/training/education related to transgender rights are eligible to join as members. LGBT organizations are eligible to join as members if the organization is actively advocating on issues that directly relate to transgender equality through a trans-specific project, committee, or dedicated staff. Statewide, Local, and Campus-Based organizations and/or institutional organizations are eligible to join, and National organizations cannot. Individual activists are not eligible to join. On a case-by-case basis, organizations that are in the process of forming may join.

If you do not fit these criteria for membership, consider joining as an Ally.

Member Access:
Member organizations will be invited to join the TAN member email list serve. On this list serve organizations can ask and answer questions, and share resources and information.

Member organizations will also have access to the back end member section of the TAN website. This area acts as a virtual filing cabinet where organizations can share resources and best practice information. This will hold all of the important information that organizations wish to share, and will be a continuously growing database of information to help support trans movements across the country.

Member organizations will also have access to topic based conference calls and webinars.

Membership to the Trans Advocacy Network is free of cost.